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Country is where the heart is!

I'll start my first blog off with a popular theme in weddings and Quinceanera's and that's country! I must say, living in South Texas and shooting brides and quince girls with a country theme, it is really something special! The boots, the hats, the belts, the hay and horses or tractors and ranch gates! So exciting! These young ladies really bring "country" to their sessions.

First is Erica, in the beautiful white dress! Her session was shot on-location at a private ranch not far from Raymondville, TX. Driving into the ranch was pretty new for me because even though I'm a Missouri girl, I'm not really into livestock or wildlife! LOL There were several gates we drove through and the roads were graveled. Lots of cows walking around, even saw a few deer and maybe a wild pig or 2. It was around 6:00 p.m. when I finally arrived and as I parked I saw her, in her beautiful white dress and those gorgeous boots! Such a pretty young lady with dimples and an easy-going attitude. Her mom was so sweet and told me to shoot wherever and whatever we wanted.

Erica was relaxed and ready for her session. There was a beautiful rustic barn that I just HAD to shoot! I'm a sucker for landscape and/or props that will help develop the mood and beauty of the portrait. I stood her in front of the gate and around the front of the barn before moving over to a tree to capture a gorgeous photo of her dress with sun rays streaming into my lens. pretty!

Of course, these images weren't enough for me because I AM a photo-hog! LOL After this, I walked her over to a lovely little pond that had just the right amount of shade going on to produce some lovely images. I sat her down and on one occasion when I was trying to get a particular shot, she toppled down! That's the pic with the great big smile!

After this part, it was time to include the horses. A farm truck carried in the most beautiful horse name Oreo, a gelding. He was so beautiful and had a great disposition, boy was he a BIG horse! The black and white of his coat really emphasized the beauty of Erica's dress. :) I truly enjoyed this session and all the photos turned out so pretty! Can't you see the heart of country in these pics?

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